• Really Useful Info On Networking Hardware That You Simply Can Not Afford To Ignore

    Convergia provides the finest infrastructure Cloud Server instruments and options, including servers, systems, Data Recovery, storage & additional Virtual servers, Virtual private server,VDI & VPN. Convergia Cloud Server helps you to produce and set up good performance Cloud servers quickly. Cloud Server delivers businesses overall flexibility and performance at an inexpensive price. Convergia delivers the best system tools and utilities backed by vCloud hypervisor, CloudServer abstracts equipment including server, storage, network facilities, NetApp storage, UCS blade frame and a pool of computing and connection capabilities so that you can ensure affordability for all those clients' demands.

    Convergia's Fibre Dedicated Internet supply symmetrical Internet access throughout our Fibre optic system, which allows a wide range of programs, like IP telephony, teleworkers,Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), Unified Communications as well as Collaboration tools. Web info and networking methods are going to improve network administration and functionality such as Business-Internet, Fibre-Dedicated-Internet, MPLS-IP-VPN and also Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL). Fibre Dedicated Internet

    Convergia's Cloud Desktop is an extensive desktop answer supplying programs specific to the company specifications. Cloud Desktop comes with all the add-ons essential for a normal Windows experience including Flash, Java, Silverlight, AV and also AM protection, and so on. CloudDesktop solution ensures a flexible, powerful, private virtual desktop environment for your company to improve mobile productiveness successfully and securely. Our engineers possess the knowledge to develop a powerful and secure platform for your organization's day-to-day projects, having a dedicated group of assets.

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